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The EEZI Group is a group of companies that provides the building technology solutions for the DIRECT Group.

EEZI Group has developed a modular interlocking building system to deliver economic housing, retail and industrial walling, as well as thermal and acoustic construction that is superior to existing building systems and is durable, structurally certified and easy to build and transport.

The modular interlocking lightweight panels go from floor to ceiling and are a completely finished product that includes electrical wiring and plastering.

Using the strength to weight ratio of steel in order to keep the product as light but strong as possible, we have ensured that two women are capable of handling a panel.

The system is more than 10 times faster than conventional construction methods.

The panels are more cost-effective than conventional building methods and extensions to a structure or additions are fast and easy to undertake.

Transporting the system is four times more cost effective than conventional construction products.

The simplicity of the building system makes for easy skills transfer.

The system creates opportunities for involvement of woman in the construction process, and is extremely durable and requires almost zero maintenance.

The EEZI Build System is a ground-breaking building methodology innovated as an ideal solution for bilding in Africa and other developing countries.

An average sized house can be constructed within 12-21 days on a large scale and the system overcomes most of the logistical problems of conventional building methods.

The most important quality is that a high degree of aesthetic quality can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of building a traditional house.  The technology brings back a quality of craftsmanship and finish that has long been lost.

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